Zero Turn Mower – All You Need to Know

Zero turn lawn mowers are for those who have strong confidence in their abilities due to the intense activities involved. According to several zero turn mower reviews, several situations should propel someone to consider purchasing a zero turn mower:

  1. You have a large yard, for instance, at least 2 acres of lawn to mow.
  2. Your garden is stuffed with obstacles such as rocks, flower, trees etc.
  3. You have complex garden arrangements.
  4. Your garden landscape is bumpy and craggy.

All the circumstances highlighted above usually require greater maneuverability, and this is what zero turn mowers are specially designed for.

Many people consider these mowers as the advanced version of the conventional riding lawn mower due to their ability to maneuver and rotate automatically. Zero Turn implies that these mowers don’t require any specified space to turn around. Their suspension design and wheels allow them to turn or rotate without moving either backward or forward.

Asides the commercial or professional models of the ZTR class mowers, the engines on these devices are quite similar to conventional riding lawn mowers.

Smaller wheels are designed to have a greater turning angle which enables the commercial ZTR mowers to take tighter and greater turns compared to the standard zero-turn mowers. The professional lawn mowers come at an expensive price rate but they are more durable than other zero turn lawn mowers.

Criteria for choosing a Zero Turn Mower


The most expensive versions of zero turn lawn mowers are embedded with high-performance engines: Kawasaki, Briggs or Kohler & Stratton. Such high-quality engines serve as a guarantee that your zero turn mower will always deliver at an optimum power capacity whenever you need it. They provide a higher torque than the regular engine and also allow you to increase the speed of the blade as required. In addition, they provide greater maneuverability when required.

Grade Level

Grade level should be your major concern when buying a zero-turn mower due to the fact that it will greatly affect the quality and performance of your lawn mower. For instance, the first-grade mowers, even where they do an excellent job by cutting your lawn, are generally less durable than other high-quality models and also offer a low quality work. Another variety of the device is the Semi-Pro and Commercial models which are usually more costly. The advantage is that they have a larger structure thereby allowing you to cut through your lawn area faster, but, they usually require more maintenance to enable them remain in mint condition.

Distance between Obstacles

When selecting your zero-turn mower, ensure that you note down the distance between the obstacles in the area or garden. If the obstacles have a close proximity to each other, even the biggest ZTR mowers will find it difficult to pass through them easily. In such cases, you should opt for a smaller ZTR mower which might be the better choice for your garden than the advanced models. The fact is that you should consider these points and opt for the best one that suits your requirements and budgets. Everyone likes to get an item that will perfectly match their needs and it is appropriate to follow these guidelines to enable you get the best value for your money.

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