Yamaha P115 Digital Piano Review – A Look at Some of the Features

This article is centred on reviewing an intermediate level keyboard, being the Yamaha P-115. This is an improvement on the previous model, the Yamaha P-105. The P-105 was one of the best sellers on the market, most especially in the portable digital pianos category.

This is the more reason why Yamaha put in lots of effort in improving on the previous model, just so that the latest model will compete squarely with other portable digital pianos from another brand in the market. It is important you are aware of the fact that the Yamaha P-115 is right between two portable (P) line products, the Yamaha P255 and the Yamaha P45. The Yamaha P115 features 14 instrument sounds, Onboard audio recorded, 14W speaker system, 88-key fully weighted action keyboard and much more. It also introduces new features like Sound Boost function, Intelligent Acoustic Control (IAC); Also, the polyphony number has also experienced some increment.

Now let us go into the review and take a deep look at the P-115.


The Yamaha P-115 is one of the best portable digital Piano in the market. The size of the P-115 is similar to that of the Yamaha P-45. The P-115 is 11.6 inches deep. 52.2 inches wide and 6.4 inches high.

It is important you are aware of the fact that this piano is capable of fitting into a small room without occupying lots of space, unlike other brands I the market. For instance, you can have this piano placed on a desk, then connect to your computer. However, there is no doubt that it will be a lot more comfortable when placed on a dedicated stand.

The Yamaha P-115 does not come with any stand, that is something you will have to include in your budget. The stand can either be the L85 furniture stand that is offered by Yamaha of the X-type offered for the P-15 model.  This piano is not just portable, also, it lightweight (about 27 lbs.). Just one person can carry the Yamaha P-115 with no assistance offered from someone else.

When the Yamaha P-115 is not in use, it can easily be put aside, thus making is useful if you have pets or kids in your home. Also, the Yamaha P-115 is a renowned choice for live shows and gigs. It can easily be moved around, and some keyboard bags will suit the Yamaha P-115.


The Yamaha P-115 has 88 fully weighted keys, which is similar in size to that of an acoustic keyboard. The keyboard action being the Graded Hammer Standard, is the most affordable hammer action mechanism offered by Yamaha in recent time.

The touch of the Graded Hammer Standard feels very close to an acoustic piano, and it is quite heavy, thus making it the best option to build proper finger technique and strength if you are determined to play smoothly on a traditional instrument. The keys on the Yamaha P-155 are similarly weighted, the high keys are lighter when compared to the low-end keys that are heavier to touch.

The velocity(touch) of the keyboard is sensitive – meaning that the keys sound a lot hard if you hit them harder. The level of touch sensitivity can be adjusted to suit the style you play the piano.

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