Using the Best Pomade for Men – An Essential Guide

Consider your hair as a blank canvas and at the same time consider the hair pomade as the brush used for painting. Even a guy with thin, dull hair can get an astonishing look by utilizing some men’s pomade. But what if you don’t know the best way to apply pomade? We have got a simple tip to assist you in choosing best pomade for men on the hairs nerd website and the best way of applying pomade for men.

Choosing the Best Pomade for Your Hair

The selection of the best pomade for your hair solely depends on your requirements or desired end result. In general, there are five varieties of pomade and each offers a different look and benefit.

Wax Pomade for Men: Wax pomade offers a strong, but comfortable grip with a natural shine finish. This pomade is perfect for most men’s hairstyles and numerous types of hair.

Cream Pomade for Men: Cream pomade offers flexible hold, medium shine and a light texture. This pomade is perfect for thin hair that only requires a little styling.

Gel Pomade for Men: Gel pomade offers a strong grip with a higher shine finish. This is suitable for men’s hairstyles that require a strong grip and can also be used for any type of hair.

Paste Pomade for Men: Paste pomade provides a medium shine finish coupled with a balanced grip. Paste pomades are great for slicked-back hairstyle or any kind of comb-over style.

Clay Pomade for Men: Clay pomades provide a matte finish with different ranges of holds. If you don’t want the product to be visible on your hair, apply clay pomade.

How to Use Pomade for Men

Once you have chosen the right pomade for your hair, it is time to create a style.

Before applying pomade, endeavor to wash your hair with a natural shampoo specially made for men. This will clear off old product from your hair and also prevent accumulation while making styling more comfortable and easier.

After this task, determine how much “shine” you want to give your hair. In general, wetter hair will offer more shine after the application of pomade (regardless of the type of pomade). If you have the chance or capability, allow your hair to air dry as towel drying or blow drying can have an adverse effect on the hair.

Ensure that your hands are either slightly damp if opting for a wet look or completely dry, thereafter, start with the back and sides of your head when applying this product. Make sure to apply only a little pomade while carrying out this task as excessive pomade rubbed on your head can give a dandruffy, gluey look.

Apply a little more of this product on your hands and start the styling process to recreate any hairstyle you want. Always start from the base of your scalp before moving to the top of your hair strands. Excessive pomade on the uppermost layer of your hair can give a depressing look. It is not only about applying pomade, it is all about applying the right quantity in the proper way to create a perfect style and a fantastic look.

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