The best oils for migraines and headaches

Make no mistake about it. When your child develops migraines and headaches, it’s no walk in the park. It’s not fun at all. On top of this, you actually run the risk of developing your own migraines and headaches because you are having such a tough time helping calm down your child.

Make no mistake, when you are helping out a kid, it’s very easy for your child’s problems to become your own. It’s like their symptoms soon become infectious. It’s not easy to figure out why this is the case. You love your child. You would give everything for your kid to get better. That’s how much you love your kid. There’s a bond there. This connection is not just emotional, it is psychological. Since psychological states can and do manifest into physical symptoms, it’s not a surprise to see how stressed  out and worried parents can mirror their kids physical symptoms. It’s as if your bond transcends emotions and words. This is not exactly at quite the same level as a Vulcan mind meld or the Borg, but it can get quite close.

The good news is you don’t have to medicate your kid. I see this all the time. A lot of parents quickly run to the medicine cabinet and get a wide range of tranquilizers and legal pain killers to make their kid’s problems go away. Believe me, that is a permanent solution to what everybody knows is a temporary problem.

Migraines and headaches blow over. They’re unpleasant and uncomfortable, but they are temporary. Unfortunately, if you insist on using medication to make symptoms go away, this easily becomes a habit. Don’t be surprised if you start getting stronger and stronger medication for your child’s migraines and headaches or your own.

This is a very dangerous practice because this can easily lead to drug addiction. As you probably already know, there’s a massive addiction crisis gripping the US currently producing thousands of drug overdoses every single year. Bad news.

Thankfully, I discovered that my children respond very favorably to certain aromatic oils. What made this very challenging was that there’s no one magical oil that will do the job across the board. I wish such an oil exists because it would’ve made my job as a parent much easier.

Still, it sad quite fun going to stoners zone buying all sorts of aromatic oils and testing it out with my children. They would tell me which ones smelled really good. There’s even one that smelled a little bit like bubble gum and this was enough for them to keep their focus away from their migraines and headaches.

They were able to get the relief that they were craving. What I love about this is it’s not habit forming and it’s actually fun because you bond with your child. You massage their temples with the oil and you spend time with them. This is a great way to bond and connect and at the same time, ensure that your kid is not in pain.

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