Shark Vacuum Reviews: A Look at the Best Shark Vacuum for Hardwood Floor

Shark is conscious of the fact that hardwood floors require a vacuum designed with specialized features. They offer numerous vacuum models used to specifically clean wooden floors. As customers, we should peruse through shark vacuum reviews to determine the best model before acquiring the product.

Shark offers numerous vacuum models built for hardwood floors. Some of these models provide ultimate satisfaction and help clean your floors thoroughly and cautiously. The Shark Rotator Lift-Away NV650 falls in this category.

Shark Lift-Away NV650

This can be described as a bagless, rotator-powered model and are not only built for hardwood floors but are also suitable for carpets cleaning and maintenance. It is designed with two interchangeable floor devices; which can either be used for carpets or hardwood floors.

You also have the chance to deactivate the brush-roll of the NV650. The vacuum cleaner comes with an attachment of a soft dusting brush, which provides a clean surface of the wooden floors without any scratches.

These attachments referred as the bare floor genie makes it possible for the vacuum to clean wood floors safely and thoroughly. At its lower layer, it is designed with a microfiber cloth at the bottom layer that removes dust and also protects the floor from deterioration. The bare floor genie has a dimension of 12 inch, which lessens the number of passes required to clean a room.

The NV650 comes with suction with sufficient power to aid the removal of all debris from hardwood and carpet thanks to the sturdy 9.5A motor.

The vacuum’s dirt vessel comes with a capacity of 105 ounces, which allows you to clean without having to remove the content of the vacuum at repeated intervals. The dirt container removes the content from the base at the click of a button. This protects those suffering from allergy from contacting dust.

It can also be attached to a 30-foot stretchable power cord and a six-foot hose; it helps provide easy and free movement as you clean without having to detach the vacuum at regular interval. The vacuum’s soft rubber wheels shield the surface from scuffing as you drive the vacuum around.

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