Review and Buyer’s Guide to the Best Mechanics Tool Set for the Money

Whether you are adding a hitching assembly to your pick up or replacing the valve cap gaskets on your V8 engine from home, the best mechanic tool set for the money has many advantages. When you have some toolset that has both metric and SAE tools, you can adjust screws, nuts, and bolts, thus making you feel very confident when using them for your mechanical assignments. It is important you are aware of the fact that all tools are not created in a similar manner. Below are some of the popular and top-rated toolsets for mechanics.


There is no doubt about the fact that DEWALT is one of the top players in the market when it comes to tools. This toolset will provide you with a well-rounded experience with both metric and SAE tools for individuals looking out to do maintenance or repair work. The casing is very durable and it is strong enough to withstand various outdoor and garage tough conditions. The tool set comes with different screwdriver bits and a screwdriver.

The set of tools for the DEWALT DMWT81534 are very robust; the ratchet is designed to conform to tight spaces and it has a 72-tooth design that grips. In addition, the screwdriver was designed in a way that makes it comfortable to grip, owing to its very grippy body unlike other brands in the market.

Craftsman 38165

This toolset from the stables of Craftsman is fairly extensive, and they are one of the best toolset in the market. The product provides the user with 92 sockets and it is very well rounded. Craftsman included some extension bars to help with bolts that are hard to reach.

The casing of this product is of high quality and it is very sturdy; in actual fact, the manufacturers incorporated metal hinges that will not wear and tear over a period. The 92-sockets in three different drive sizes will not make you long for versatility and it will assist in completing the majority of your mechanical jobs.

If you are in search of a well-rounded and portable toolset for your mechanical job, the Craftsman 38165 is highly recommended. There are sufficient components that will be useful for any manner of work and they include tools like screwdrivers, box-end wrenches, and a few Allen wrenches.

Craftsman 50230

If you are in need of tough tools to handle industrial maintenance and repair jobs, this tool set from the stables of Craftsman is an excellent option. The tools are off all steel and there are over 200 tools that you can choose from, and they are useful for tough work owing to their durability.

Majority of these tools in the Craftsman 50230 have magnetic components, meaning that they come very handy when you need to retrieve lost tools. The quick release mechanism of the ratchets works excellently for changing out sockets in both metric and SAE varieties.

If perchance you are doing heavy duty mechanical jobs, these tools fabricated using alloy steel is the best option. These tools still work well for light mechanical jobs owing to the quality of the material. However, the casing is without doubt the only drawback for this toolset.

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