Pokémon Go Accounts: Your Elemental Guide to the Pokémon Go Game

One of the first things that you require is the Pokémon app; it is available for Android and iOS in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. On logging into Pokemon go accounts, you get some form of a brief introduction by the dreamy professor Willow, which gives some form of introduction to the game, and he will give you a walkthrough to catching your choice of the three starters Pokémon, which could be either Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander. The aforementioned Pokémon should be familiar with regulars.

After the introductory, you are more or less on your own, aside from the small tips section that gives you some explanation on some of the basic map icons. However, there are three basic routes to Pokémon Go: Catching Pokémon, Visiting PokeStops and gym battles.

It is important you are aware of the fact that catching Pokémon works more like what you expect; you just need to walk around with the app open on your smartphone, you will observe that at any point that there is some kind of Pokémon nearby your phone notifies you with a  buzz. Tap on the Pokémon on the map, and you will immediately switch to the interface meant for catching Pokémon. The color of the ring that surrounds the Pokemon assist in determining of the Pokémon in question is easy or difficult to catch. When the color of the ring is green, it implies that the Pokémon is easy to catch, if the color is yellow, it is intermediate and red is like the most difficult.

It is important you are aware of the fact that Pokémon is found with around Combat power (CP) levels, which can determine how much power the Pokémon has. In order to raise the CP of a Pokémon, you will require two resources, a generic item you acquire with every Pokémon you catch, Stardust, and the specific candy of the Pokémon that can be obtained by capturing the Pokémon duplicate.

For instance, if you intend on getting a Zubat’s level up, you will require Zubat candies and stardust. If perchance you intend on evolving your Pokémon, you will require more of the candies.

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