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I don’t want to start this blog post on a depressing note. But let’s be clear. We’re not going to be on this earth forever. If you’re lucky, you’re going to be living maybe 85 years and that is a big definite maybe. Until and unless there’s some sort of bio technology breakthrough, chances are most people are not going to live past the ago of 120 years old.

Now this might seem like it’s all positive. This might seem like there’s a lot to look forward to in the future, but think again. You have to understand that after you get past the age of 90, there are lots of financial issues that you need to take care of. There are lots of advanced planning and asset management issues you need to focus on.

Unless you have some sort of amazing foreign knowledge of how you will do after the age of 80, chances are you have a high likelihood of spending your golden years in abject poverty. I know this sounds really depressing, but it really is a wake up call because a lot of people think that they can live forever. That’s why they live careless lives. You have to remember this simple truth. Death and the certainty of death are what gives life meaning.

The fact that the party will end should light a fire under your butt. It should basically push you to make the most of every moment and believe me, your family should be everything to you. I understand that you have a career to take care of. I understand you have duties, obligation and responsibilities. Most people can see that. They’re not blind.

But the problem is when you die, you probably would not wish you worked an extra day at the office. You probably would not wish that you had that promotion or pay raise. You know what you would wish for? You would wish that you hugged your babies tighter. You probably wish you spent more time with your kids as they played baseball or basketball. You probably wish that you spent more time teaching your kids how to read or read them a story before they went to sleep at night. You probably wish that you went to their high school games and encouraged them and cheered them on even if their team is losing. You understand where I’m coming from?

This is the real stuff of life because money can’t be taken to the grave. That has yet to happen. Respect? That goes away. Status? Don’t even get me started on status. It’s temporary. What really matters is character because that’s what we bring to the grave with us.

We all start out as babies, but when we die, that’s the moment of truth. What kind of life did you make for yourself. Are you a person that kept your word? Are you a person who learned to love others and taught people how to love? Are you the type of person who made the world better? Or are you just the type of person that’s just like everybody else?

Well, I’m sorry to report this, but fathers who are takers are worthless fathers. They don’t make memories. Instead, they demand. They’re hypocrites. They feel that respect is somehow, someway automatic.

It is no surprise that a lot of young sons hate their fathers. In their hearts, they don’t want to  become their fathers because they see the hypocrisy. They see the anger. They see the frustration and it really is too bad because if you were to invest only in love, your family would be so much stronger. And most importantly, you would be able to contribute to humanity. The world needs more love.

I know I sound like a hippie. I know it sounds like some discount version of John Lennon, but it’s absolutely true. Imagine a better world where people loved each other and the good news here is your family bonding moments give you that opportunity.

You have to remember that there is such a thing as quality time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending only a few hours with your kids. What matters is the quality. You have to connect. You have to exchange values. You have to be in the same moment together. There’s no better way to record those extra precious moments than going to Localgrapher.

Localgrapher is an online platform of professional photographers in your area. Regardless of where you live in the US, Localgraphers is sure to connect you with the right photography experts that would make your bonding moments last forever. You only have 80-85 years to live.

Do yourself a big favor. Make all that time count and when it’s time, you can look through your pictures and you can say to yourself that you lived a full life. Believe me, very few people would be able to do that when the time comes.

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