Keyword Strategies To Add Bulk Traffic To Your Website

Are you tired of working hard on Search engine optimization strategies and still getting no results? Well, it happens many times and there are several factors which influence your results of SEO. If you are struggling up with the SEO techniques to make your website popular on the search engine list then you are not alone in the race.

There are many marketers and business owners in Australia who are putting in efforts to improve the web traffic on their website. They need to be patient and need to understand that SEO is not an overnight game changer. It takes lots of efforts, patience, and strategies to get the scalable results of building web traffic. One of the best strategies is keyword use.

SEO keyword strategy in the right way

Keyword research is playing an important role in building your SEO campaign. This helps the businesses in an easier way to target higher traffic on the websites. There are several types of keyword strategies which are helpful for the websites to grow their visibility and improve the site ranking.

There are different types of keywords which are helpful in designing the SEO strategy of the websites.  As mentioned by SEO expert Sydney, some of the popular types of keywords are:

  • Product based keyword: This type of keyword is the name of the product which you want to sell. It will help the website owners to uncover some great opportunities to grow the traffic. Be specific while using the product based keywords.
  • Customer defining keyword: These are the terms which are used for defining the customers. It is about how the customers refer to their choices and products which they need. By using this type of keyword, you will be able to build up a connection with the customers who need similar products and services which you are offering.
  • Market-defining keyword: When you talk about your products, services and businesses then market defining keywords should be used. This type of keyword is more broad and generic. SEO experts or marketers need this type of keyword for on-page optimization. They often add this type of keywords throughout the websites.
  • Related vertical keyword: This type of keyword can help you to cross-pollinate your community building efforts.
  • Geo-targeted keyword: If you are targeting the local customers then this type of keyword is the best to use. It will help in local SEO to drive traffic on your website. While researching for the geo-targeted keywords make sure that you don’t restrict yourself with the geography.

There is a need to find, organize and then use the most suitable keyword for your website. It will help in the SEO process and develop the plan for SEO strategy to attract the customers.

 Naturally, use the keyword

SEO expert in Australia suggests that when you are optimizing the keyword then there are five most important places where you should use keywords. These are:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Heading
  • Image tile
  • The first or second paragraph of the description

Relevance, popularity, and intent of the keyword should be determined to effectively research and use the keyword for the SEO process. Avoid keyword stuffing as it lowers the website ranking.

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