Identifying the Right Vauxhall Car Parts for Your Car

In all aspects of maintaining your car, car servicing is without a doubt the most crucial. Your Vauxhall will operate at its optimum if you make regular servicing a habit. In addition, it will assist in enhancing mileage and improving safety. If you put car servicing on the side, there is every chance that you will spend more than you are supposed to spend on things like faulty tyres, worn out brake pads or extra fuel. Below you will find some tips on selecting the right Vauxhall car parts that suit your specific model.

Air Filters

It is important that you choose a legitimate Vauxhall air filter when seeking a replacement, as it will assist in keeping your Vauxhall’s cabin clean and fresh. This will ensure that the passenger and driver’s comfort is increased by having a constant supply of fresh air as well as preventing the windscreen from getting all fogged up along with the protection of the heating and air conditioning systems from wear and dirt.

Wiper Blades

Getting a genuine wiper blade for your Vauxhall ensures optimum performance and perfect fit. You will find that genuine wiper blades are fabricated in a manner that different models have their different construction. The signature flat construction helps in maximizing even spread contact with the blade rubber and the windscreen. Replacing your wipers is very easy, owing to the adaptors that are pre-mounted. The adaptors are also responsible for the clicking type of sound that makes one aware that the wiper blades are present. You can get the wiper blades in units or you can get all three wipers together.


When you want to have your Vauxhall’s bumper replaced, it is advised that you look out for a genuine one. This is Similar to the one that was installed in the car, it is fabricated under the same condition with similar safety standards. The counterfeits, on the other hand, are engineered in a reverse manner, thus there are holes drilled into the parts to ensure that it fits. In addition, these counterfeit parts do not guaranty crash test safety standards during fabrication.


Make it a top priority to have a genuine Vauxhall radiator installed when you are having a replacement. This is important so you can have a radiator that was fabricated to fit perfectly. Similar to the radiator that you got with your newly purchased Vauxhall, genuine Vauxhall radiators are fabricated to provide optimal heat transfer, thus making sure that the engine does not overheat. Our experienced technicians are capable of having your damaged radiator replaced with a genuine one.

Brake Fluid

There is no doubt on the importance of getting a genuine Vauxhall brake fluid. The brake fluid was formulated to work with nothing but ABS in your Vauxhall, in order to have your brake respond efficiently. The Vauxhall brake fluid has thermal stability, implying that even if it’s cold or warm it will perform well.


It is recommended that you make use of a genuine Vauxhall coolant for protection against overheating and year-round antifreeze for the cooling system of your engine. The Vauxhall coolant was formulated with additives to assist in protecting the engine from deposits and corrosion.

Screen Wash

It is best that you get a genuine Vauxhall screen wash to clean your windscreen. The efficacy of a genuine screen wash is not challenged by a negative temperature. This is actually because of it anti-freezing properties. It can help with removing the dirt that builds up while you are using your Vauxhall on the road, providing you with clear visibility.

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