Heat Press – A Look at Recommended Machines for Beginners

One of the most renowned methods of transferring designs to garments is by using the heat press machine. Nonetheless, there are not many people that are aware of the fact that they can do this all by themselves with little or no experience. If you are interested in venturing into the business of making custom apparels for charity, church or as a personal business, we’ll be talking about a couple of recommended machines for beginners in this article.

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing One

A) Purpose of the Machine

Do you intend on using this machine for your personal business? Do you want to have the logo of your company printed on shirts that your workforce will wear? How long do you intend to make use of it? These are just some of the questions you need to provide honest answers to.

B) Price and Durability

It is important you are aware of the fact that the best machines for heat pressing are the heavy ones whose weight go for as much as 150 lbs. The reason behind this is because if you employ cheap materials to fabricate the heat platen, which is responsible for transferring designs to your garments, it should be durable because if light materials are used they are worn out easily. Nonetheless, this is not to write off machines that are light in weight because there are individuals that will love to carry their heat press machines along with them to places like charity events and trade shows to display their craft.

ePhotoInc Swing Away T-shirt Heat Press Machine

This is a brilliantly designed machine that is capable of handling garments of different sizes and it is useful for other materials that need designs transferred on them. Other than that the temperature of about 450 degrees Fahrenheit and the 1200 watts of the heat pressing machine is sufficient to have this machine provide excellent results.

The ePhotoInc Swing Away heat press machine comes with a control button, a handle for full grip, and a simple but brilliant design. This heat press machine is capable of offering convenience whenever it is employed to transfer designs. Unlike other machines, it is ready for use immediately the box is opened. The ePhotoInc Swing Away heat press machine for T-shirts is already pre-assembled.

Conclusion: Just like any other heat press machine out there in the market, the overall result and performance of this machine are excellent. This is the best choice for beginners with no experience, owing to the fact that it has been assembled from the manufacturers.

PowerPress Heat Press Machine Industrial Quality 15×15

Among the recommended options for beginners, the PowerPress Heat Press machine is very renowned. This machine is capable of heating up to 490 degrees Fahrenheit. In practical use, you don’t necessarily have to heat the machine up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, at most you’ll heat it up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This machine goes for about $230. Compared to the gecko option, this is a lot lighter in weight. The weight of this machine is about 54lbs. As mentioned earlier, portable machines are easy to carry around but their durability cannot be guaranteed.

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