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The common questions that we got asked here
regarding responsible parenting as are as follows:

What is responsible parenthood?

  • This is defined simply as the ability and will of the parents to respect and act on the aspirations and needs of their children and the entire family. It is also their ability to identify the need, desire and happiness of their children. They are also expected to help them become reasonable and responsible children. It is their ability in catering and meeting the family’s needs and even their children according to their capabilities.

When will the baby sleep for the night?

  • There are a lot of answers to this since they are babies. Newborns, as you may have already noticed, usually sleep their way for 16 hours at most. However, they are in shorter stretches compared with the ones adults are used to. When babies grow older, their nervous systems also mature and he or she will be able to go on longer in between feedings. When the baby reaches three months in age, he or she may sleep on 5 hour stretches or more of that during the night. Six month old babies may sleep straight for 8 or at most 10 hours during the night. You don’t need to worry about seeing something ‘wrong’ about their sleeping pattern because that is normal for them. Babies will not really sleep straight through the night until they have reached one year old.

Should my baby have vaccines? Are they safe?

  • Having your child immunized will protect them against the most common but deadly childhood diseases that took most of the population when they were first discovered. Before vaccines were made, 3 thousand of children have died per year due to measles, polio has paralyzed between 13,000 to 20,000 children and whooping cough has claimed thousands of children’s lives. Even though these diseases are now rare in the world today, without the immunizations, it can bring those deadly diseases back, even though they can be cured easily. It is highly recommended for babies to get immunized.

When should babies start eating solid food?

  • Many years ago, moms would feed their babies with solid food such as rice cereal at a very early age. Some of them would stuff the rice cereal in bottles and fed to their toddlers as young as two weeks of age. Myths regarding solid foods still persists even up to this day, one such as giving the baby some rice cereal will help them sleep for the night, which is not true at all. As of this writing, research show that the best phase for babies to be fed with solid foods is around 4 to 6 months. Until these months, the nutrition that the babies get are either from infant formula or breast milk.

There are also concerns regarding birth control and proper family planning, but that will be placed in a different page from here. If your question is left unanswered, you can leave a message for us to answer through the contact page.