Essential Guide to Finding the Right Type of Logo

It is important you are aware of the fact that there are about seven types of logos that you can settle for when you are creating a logo for your brand or your business. You can pick a free logo maker and download, then select one that represents what the business stands for or one that suits the name of the company, in some cases combine both to create something special.

Here are the different types of logos

Letter marks (or monogram logos)

Letter mark logos are good for streamlining the logo of the company, most especially if the company has a very long name or a name that is very difficult to remember. Majority of the businesses decide to go with their initials, for instance, brands like CNN, HP and H&M. These monograms are best for minimalist logos, but it is important you remember that they are one of the best means of expressing more of what your business represents.

Wordmarks (or logotypes)

Wordmarks, on the other hand, are a straightforward means of symbolizing a company name. To give them recognition and personality value, it is without a doubt that is mostly about typography – for example, take a look at the wordmark logo representing ONE. If you have an interesting name for a brand, using wordmarks is recommended as the ideal way to go for your logo.

Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)

Logo symbols or pictorial marks are more of what is visualized in our heads when we hear the word LOGO. They are easy to be recognized, and they make use of images to represent your company or brand. You have the choice of selecting something complex or something that is very simple. However, it is important you go with a symbol that has a connection with your brand. In most case, both are paired using wordmarks.

Abstract logo marks

Rather than symbols that can be recognized, abstract logo marks are geometric, and they do not establish any connection to the images, but they formulate something new for the brand in question. An abstract logo mark is capable of condensing your business into a symbol that is very much unique to your brand or business. For instance, the logo for Printy shows how abstract and modern symbols can look, providing more personality. It is advised that your research more of the various geometric logo shapes if you are interested in having an abstract logo that creates a certain feeling or mood.


If you are in search of a fun way to give your brand a personality, mascots are highly recommended. They are cartoon characters that represent your business in an informal and approachable manner.

Combination mark

A combination just as its name implies combines a work mark with a symbol for the creation of a recognizable logo. The name of the company is either integrated into the graphic element or placed next to the symbol, for example, the Brite Side logo. Both elements will be associated with your brand, thus lowing you to use them together or alone.


Just like the combination marks, emblems combine pictorial elements and typography. They consist of symbols integrated with the text, such as seals, badges or crests. For instance, the Rockwell Lighthouse emblem depicts how traditional shapes can give classic and old school appearance.

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