Best 6 in 1 Heat Press: A Review and Buying Guide

At this present time, there are numerous varieties of 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine to select from. In fact, you will be spoilt for choices which may confuse and frustrate you. In order to make the right choice, this write-up on acts as a review and buying guide for 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine.

Promo Heat Professional – Model PRO-6100X

The 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine comes with lots of exciting features like a swing design, which provides easy workability. The main advantage of this tool is its capability to provide a balanced press. It is also built in a way that doesn’t require the use of Teflon sheet or extra silicon.

It can also be operated via digital means, and the system automatically shut down when the desired temperature is achieved. The machines are bulky and weigh 95lbs, so, it cannot be easily moved around. It can also be used to heat press rhinestones on top of your garment. The dimension of the workspace area is approximately 12 x 14, so it is suitable for smaller garments but it does not work well with thicker and bigger sizes like XL.

The disadvantage of this product is that it has poor commands and instructions. You may need to get your commands from other sources and avoid using the manual. Also, avoid purchasing this machine if you are imprinting on caps. This machine is not suitable for caps.

A 6 in 1 Heat Press Machine can be described as a machine that is used to print graphics designs to T-shirts, mugs, and cap using one device. It is advisable that you use it if you own a home-based printing business. However, you have to consider some factors like the heating capability and the unit’s size before making a purchase.

Also, if you have not made a decision whether you should spend about $300-400 dollars, you can start by purchasing a starter device like the Gecko heat press that cost around $250. However, the downside is that it can only be used for garments printing.

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