• When to Have Babies?

    The answer is it all depends on which is the best age.

When is the Best Time to have Babies?

The most common answer that you’d get for this is after you are officially married. But if you take a look at society today, there is a growing number of couples that are engaged in pre-marital sex, not to mention have babies as early as age of 14. Worse, there is even an earlier age than that. But what you’ll learn here is more about the health perspective on when is the right age for a woman to get pregnant.

The answer is it all depends on which is the best age.

However, when it comes with how today’s society looks at the concept of getting pregnant in the late teens and early twenties, it does not work well. It doesn’t have anything to do with morality, but it all is about how women these days are getting very empowered that they are focusing a lot in their careers. So the concept of getting pregnant at an early age doesn’t seem to be in their priority list. In the studies that show with how women that get pregnant in their younger years tends to happen only out of wedlock, which is highly likely to interfere with the educational attainment? They are also likely to result with the most disadvantaged status.

Biologically speaking the late teens to the early twenties are the times that are best to be pregnant for women. This is according to the record and study conducted by John Mirowsky, sociologist from the University of Texas located in Austin. That is the time when the oocytes are very fresh and the reproductive system of the body, including the other systems, are at its youthful peak. Women that are in their twenties are the least likely to develop chronic problems with their health, which is a problem that will put the baby at risk. At this age shows the lowest rates with ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, infertility and stillbirth.

Some circles do also admit that the early twenties seems a bit too early to get pregnant or bear a child. Even if the mother is already married and possesses a college degree. One generation ago, a woman that gave birth at the age of 21 was already acceptable or reasonable enough. The woman’s name is Michelle Horton, wherein they began her blog named Early Mama. In there you’ll find a documentation of her sense with isolation during the time when she took out her son and the strangers that are very curious and nosy about how old she really was. Usually, they just tell her neighbours either 25 to 27 of age just to shut them up. It does have an impact in society when you are a mother at a very early age, but it doesn’t mean to say that all mothers that have similar experiences will have the same treatment. In today’s day and age, getting pregnant a little earlier or later in life doesn’t matter, although the latter still receives some sort of prejudice among the unaware people.