• How to have a baby and when you
    really need one.

About Us

This website is dedicated to all couples that are admiring the thought of having babies of their own. We, the moderators of this site, are not promoting unhealthy and irresponsible parenting, but the proper way of how to have a baby and when you really need one.

We have been a group of individuals that were having fun of interviewing people the reason why they want to have babies in the first place. It was just something out of fun and there wasn’t any deep reason for it for doing such an activity. However, we were surprised at the answers that we get from our friends, which is why we continued doing this activity to strangers. In the long run, we gathered all the information we have collected from all the interviews we have done, whether that was among our friends or strangers.

How this website
came to be

All the information we have gathered gave us the reason to put up this website. The crazy thing about it is that we got a ton of requests from our readers to put up more information as to why people want babies in the first place. Although everybody accepts the idea that having babies is normal, the reasons were quite different. The most common reason, or as society is led to believe, that having babies between couples is the most normal, expect and traditional thing to do, we were surprised that there were other reasons for doing so. Which is why we agreed to have all our information shared online, and of course we have the consent of the authors to have their stories showed in this website and at the same time even have their photos posted.

Each photos posted comes with their reasons, whether they are a joke or not, and will give highlights to readers as to why some couples have odd reasons why they get married and have babies. In fact, some of them have premarital sex and they want to have babies without even getting officially married in court. This is how the world of parenting is turning out these days.

Because of the alarming and oftentimes funny reasons for having babies we have uncovered, we also shared some of the most alarming or disappointing reasons why they have children in the first place.

What information can readers
get from this website?

This is a perfect place for couples and non-couples alike to find out more about the reasons couples want to have babies in the first place. Not a large number of readers are interested knowing about the reasons because they already know well enough that it is normal for couples to have a baby right away once after they are officially married. But if you want to avoid the pitfalls or mistakes done by others, this is the perfect place that you get to read the stories of couples and cohabiting partners in regards to their primary reason why they had babies in the first place.

This is also the place where you will learn more about responsible parenting. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t have children at all. Having your firstborn is fine, but there are situations that tell people that they have to stop and think first if adding a second one would be practical and comfortable for the family, including the baby. You’ll find all the information regarding how to take care of babies, what should be done to prevent more babies and also even how to take care of babies once they have grown older than a year or more.

Most of all, this website is not about telling off people not to get married and stay single. This isn’t propaganda to stop procreating at all. With all the information today ready at your disposal, you can find answers to your questions regarding about getting pregnant, when is the right time to have babies or whether or not you want to have more children afterwards. You can even post questions here if you really want to learn more about parenting, especially when the question you have in your mind is not answered yet.

Stay in this website as much as you want, and you will find answers that you seek regarding your situation that is in relation to the topics being discussed here. You can also engage with the discussion, so as the staff and the contributing authors in this website will help you find the answer that you seek.