• Tips on Dealing with Unwanted Pregnancy

The photos that you’ve seen on the homepage are all photos from people that are happy to have their child with them.

However, some of these couples were shocked to find out that their female partner is pregnant.

There are various reasons why they would be shocked – either they are shocked because they were told getting pregnant was very slim or they are shocked that they have never planned to have a baby in the first place. In some developed countries, women that have unwanted pregnancy are given the free will to have their children aborted. However, some places do not allow this at all, which is why their population keep growing.

But setting the national problems aside

If you just realized that you are pregnant and this is not a part of your plan, you need to calm yourself down. Unwanted pregnancy is one of the biggest challenges that you will ever face. Your concerns are just growing, especially when you want the best for your baby.

The most common reason why parents aren’t ready to have children is because of their finances.

If the couple is in a stable relationship, they might still not have the resources needed to accommodate their new baby. It could be that you are unemployed or you are still in school. You might even be thinking that your current career might get compromised.

The most challenging situation can be when the mother is the only one taking care of the baby.

Still, it doesn’t mean that all single women were having difficulty raising her child. Even if you have been actively trying to get a child and you are also in the verge of treatment, you might get shocked that you might even be carrying a triplets or twins.

Common Emotions Felt During Unplanned Pregnancy

Overwhelmed and shocked

Alone and isolated

Critical of oneself and have the feeling of being responsible for everything

Regretting and guilty about not being more careful during sex

Worried about not having any attachment feelings towards the unborn child

Anxious because it feels like the moment of the situation is out of control.

No matter how scary the situation is, you can still handle this situation with a calm mind.

One is by talking with your partner if you do have one. Let each party speak for each other and open up your feelings so that you will know what to do. There is no room for argument here. What you’ll need to do is address the present situation and that you have to see it that you are becoming parents.

Make sure that you are informed

By getting an appointment with a midwife or doctor in order to learn what options are now available for you.

You can also meet with a reputed counsellor that will help you get a clear mind and make you feel responsible with dignity about what happened to you.

You shouldn’t force yourself of solving the problem on your own.