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What are the Common Reasons to Bear Children?

The thought that being married without children for more than 5 years is a big question mark that the traditional world can’t seem to understand. This is because most people are already used to the thought that being married means that the couple must want a child or two, even if they are both homosexuals. But being married without a child is something of a mystery. Those that are in the kind of relationship that are received with confused and perplexing look. They never had it in them to step back and think why the couple would choose to do that.

The reason? Most couples today, whether it they are teens or already at the years that it is acceptable to get married, have a baby or two to boast about. But it doesn’t mean to say that all couples are like that. Couples that just stay together for the sake of that reason only is quite rare, but they are growing in numbers now. But this topic is not about whether the couple is ready to take care of kids or not. It is about the reasons why they have kids in the first place.

To have children take care of them when they grow old.

Everybody goes through the stage of getting old and that is the inevitable part of life. If you ask people today, this kind of reasoning will give you odd or glaring looks as to why you would leave it to your kids to take care of you when you grow old. That is unthinkable because society today promotes the idea that children should be given a life that they deserve and should not be held responsible for other people’s lives, unless they voluntarily do it so.

The reason why children should not be the insurance for one that matures is because there is no guarantee that children will take care of their child when they grow old. When the time comes that they don’t want to, what would happen then? How are you going to face it? What if matters where different and that your child were to die before you could even get old? What if when you die at an earlier age before you even reach old age? Instead of having someone like your child look after you, why not think about taking care of yourself first?

Carrying on the family name.

Aside from the reason above, a lot of families are so concerned about carrying on the family name. But the question is whose family name? The mother or the father’s? The most common choice would be to carry on the male family name, but nobody has ever dared to ask whether they can carry on the family name of the mother. So what is the purpose of carrying on the family name? One of the most iconic names in history, Christ, according to records never had any children, but his name is praised and uttered by millions all over the world. Albert Einstein had children, but he wasn’t remembered by his children at all. The same can be said with any other figures or icons stated in history. So what connection is there in a name? What really remains in the mind of the people for centuries to come is the enduring work, creation or invention that touches people’s lives. Children have nothing to do with carrying the name.

They love having babies.

Of course! Who wouldn’t want to have such cute and adorable babies waking you up every hour just so they can be close with you? Babies can really make any person’s day great. Even the puppies, leopard cubs, tiger cubs, kittens, chicks and so many more. However, babies can only be babies for a couple of months. One year later, they will be able to walk and then another year they will almost become fully independent walking on their own. If this is the reason why you want to have babies, better make sure that you drop the baby treatment when they reach the right age of being treated as kids.

It’s a natural thing to do.

Some families love procreating and they love the idea of having a lot of children to take care because it is fun to watch children come and go as they grow. What’s more, since it is a natural thing to do, you might want to watch out on how many times you are going to engage in making babies. It might overwhelm you on taking care of babies one after another if you don’t know how to control yourself.

It is a life experience.

For women, it is the best moment in their life to give birth. And seeing their first child on their arms is like a miracle or a gift from heaven. While others may dismiss this reason as something that is already too common, women choose to do so differently. There is still a reason to celebrate life and that is giving life itself.

Letting the children experience the joy of living.

Children will definitely enjoy the experience of being alive, only when the supervision of their parents is telling them so. In this world, many parents just take it for granted to have children just so they can show off their friends on how much they have beautiful children and that they follow every order the parents give them. As much as possible, learn to have understanding that what your children will become will not always become how you imagine them to be. Make sure you understand about their worldviews, even if it is something as deep as existence itself.

This isn’t to mean that having children is bad. There is this thing called responsibility and just giving birth and having children for the sake of it is not going to be healthy for the children at all. It will affect their growth. If you want to have children simply because you love to take care of them and show them what it means to live, then by all means you shouldn’t forget about being responsible about them and their lives, too.

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